Nancy Klein


I have experience in the following areas: managing and counseling within an employee assistance program, consulting with management on employee concerns, counseling patients in a multidisciplinary pain management clinic, case management for chronic medical issues, and counseling older adults and their families on aging and caregiving concerns.

It is important for me to help you feel as comfortable as possible, since you are likely coming to therapy to talk about difficult or painful things.

I will help you explore the solutions that are best for your life, as you are the captain of your ship – I am here to help you steer it towards a course and path you desire.

For example, I like to help my clients see the relationship between our patterns of thinking and how these contribute to our moods and behaviors, for better or worse.

I will utilize different approaches depending on your interests and needs.

I welcome clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and am an LGBTQ ally.

I love to laugh, so don’t be surprised if I incorporate some humor (when it’s appropriate)!